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Summer Reading
EAF448As the weather warms that list of summer reading keeps piling up, a tantalizing tower of intriguing stories, ready to transport you to new lands. Here are some paperbacks we recommend packing for your next trip to the beach! Circling the Sun. In this work of historical fiction, Paula McLain, bestselling author of The Paris Wife (FRN981), reimagines 1920s Kenya and the extraordinary life of record-setting aviatrix Beryl Markham.
Topkapi, Istanbul
Kindly contributed by Jason Goodwin, author of Lords of the Horizon and the Ottoman Empire Series, now numbering four.
Following an excursion to Venice, Istanbul’s old rival, in The Bellini Card, Yashim flings himself back into the heart of the Ottoman enterprise in An Evil Eye, where much of the action takes place in the imperial harem at Topkapi palace.
Wallander's Swan Song
Long before Lisbeth Salander hacked her way into readers’ hearts, Inspector Kurt Wallander was cracking cases amidst the rural landscapes of southern Sweden. Wallander, a world-weary, diabetic detective prone to health problems and morose introspection, burst onto the scene with Faceless Killers in 1991 and Dogs of Riga soon after. Since then, author Henning Mankell has achieved blockbuster success with nine subsequent mysteries, which have been translated into forty languages.
Dear White Van
What's a minibus driving along Highway 1 in Vietnam (see Rough Guide's Make the Most of Your Time on Earth) doing on the cover of the new paper edition of Alexander McCall Smith's
Flavia de Luce
Move over Miss Marple; Flavia de Luce has arrived. Perhaps the most precocious (and opinionated) young detective to push her way onto the British mystery scene, Flavia de Luce is the eleven-year-old sleuth at the center of Alan Bradley’s deliciously macabre murder mysteries, set in 1950s England.