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The Greeks
GRE619A well-illustrated tribute to the foundations of Western civilization, The Greeks, An Illustrated History, published by National Geographic as a companion to the PBS series The Greeks, is the perfect introduction for travelers to Greece and its fabled isles. The photographic history pays special attention to ancient innovations: great literature and architecture, war tactics, democracy, the philosophy of Socrates and more. Historian Diane Harris Cline laces the gripping story of the Greek Empire with discoveries like the Uluburun shipwreck, the earliest writing found in Europe and buried palaces.
Films from National Geographic
NAT175You know we recommend what books to read before you travel, but we can also tell you what movies to watch! Browse our wide selection of place-based films, including these fascinating documentaries from National Geographic. Some favorites are featured below, but you can see an even wider selection here. Happy viewing! Darwin's Secret Notebooks.
A Walk in the Woods
Fans of Bill Bryson’s book A Walk in the Woods, in which the satirical travel writer tackles (or tries to, anyway) the whole of the Appalachian Trail, won’t want to miss the new film adaptation, starring Nick Nolte, Emma Thompson and, of course, Robert Redford as Bryson, in theaters September 2. Also recently released: 13 folded
Top Ten Fall Travel Titles
Autumn is the perfect time for reflection, as we return from our summer travels and begin to dream up new destinations. To help inspire you, we've culled a list of the top ten new travel books we're excited to see published this fall. It's your season, armchair travelers, so curl up with some hot cider and prepare to be taken to new places. For more forthcoming travel books, click here. Plotted, A Literary Atlas.
Happy 100th, Nat Geo Cartographic!
Happy Birthday, National Geographic! This month National Geographic Cartographic celebrates 100 years of map making. Over the past century, National Geographic's cartographic department has produced maps charting the night sky, the ocean floor and all the continents in between. (The full count is: 438 supplement maps, thousands of maps for the magazine, ten world atlases, dozens of globes -- even maps in digital form). In celebration, we’re highlighting their line of Adventure Maps to countries across the globe. Don’t miss this fascinating
Where to Go in 2015
Puzzling over where to go in 2015? We took ten of National Geographic’s Best Trips for 2015 and paired them with our favorite books to read while visiting each unique location. For more of National Geographic’s Best of the World, click here. For more ideas of what to read, revisit our Best Travel Books of 2014. When in The Presidio, San Francisco, read the chapter designated to the park in Gary Kamiya’s Cool Gray City of Love (SFO64, $16.00).
Inside Tracks

Read the book, watch the film! A recently released major motion picture brings to life Robyn Davidson’s classic travelogue Tracks, the story of a young woman’s epic journey by camel across the formidable Australian Outback. Davidson arrived in the Outback with a dog, a little cash, and she managed to find and train some camels (feral in Australian desert since the 19th century) to carry her on her journey. Her absorbing account of her almost 2,000 mile trek across the desert is a tale of true adventure shot through with a feel for the landscape and empathy for the Aboriginal people she meets along the way.

Blue Hope
National Geographic Explorer-in Residence, Time magazine’s first Hero of the Planet and a Library of Congress Living Legend, Sylvia Earle, dubbed "Her Deepness" by the New Yorker, is an international advocate, ambassador and champion of all things ocean. Her current efforts are galvanized behind the Mission Blue movement, a massive campaign to ignite support to save the world’s oceans through a network of marine protected areas called “Hope Spots.” In her informative and graceful large-format book, Blue Hope, the deep-sea crusader pays tribute to the necessity and mystique of the ocean.