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La Carolina Lodge, Costa Rica
Back From Costa Rica .... Darrel Schoeling Longitude Editor
Don't forget to bring your bird guide -- and appetite -- if you are heading to La Carolina Lodge on the flanks of Volcan Tenorio on Costa Rica's northern Caribbean slope (a short drive from Liberia or the Nicoya beach resorts). We saw two species of trogon, plenty of tanagers and many other birds, both at the Lodge and... on the well-maintained trails in the park. A working hacienda, La Carolina lodge is eco-friendly by tradition with meals for all, including ranch hands, made by Anna at a wood-burning stove, most of the food grown on the farm; illumination is by candle light; and the rustic-stone pool, heated by a wood fire and built alongside the river, is out of this world.
Torgersen Island, Antarctica
Fen MontaigneKindly Contributed by Fen Montaigne Author of Fraser's Penguins.  Torgersen Island, which is customarily visited by expedition ships visiting the U.S. Palmer Station, is a bustling place during the day. Two of the largest remaining Adelie penguin colonies in the region are on the north side of Torgersen, and lines of adult Adelies shuttle to and from the sea as they scramble to feed their rapidly growing chicks.