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Best of 2014
Planning your travels for the new year? Dream of new destinations with the best travel books of 2014. Here are, in our humble opinion, the Year's Best Reads for the traveler -- carefully culled and reviewed for your reading pleasure -- including cultural portraits, memoir, photography and, of course, travelogues. The Broken Road.
Savage Harvest
It’s difficult to imagine a bad time in paradise – the soles of our bare feet strolling white beaches under graceful palms, a fruity beverage always within arms’ reach. But paradise is often not what it seems. Hawaiians killed Captain Cook. Antiquarian novels of exploration (Typee by Herman Melville comes to mind) are simultaneously fascinated and repulsed by pristine “uncivilized” societies, those scantily dressed villagers worshiping trees at the outskirts of Christendom.
An Explorer's Notebook
Tim Flannery, the internationally acclaimed scientist credited with discovering more species than Charles Darwin, has published books on everything from climate change (The Weather Makers) to Captain Cook (The Explorers), from Australian history (The Birth of Sydney) to Pacific exploration (Among the Islands), from the possums of New Guinea (