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Year's Best Reads
USA592It's the perfect time to reflect on the past year. When we look back over 2016, we see a path littered with memorable reads, many of which we’ve selected as our  top ten travel books of the year. We hope each featured title serves to inspire further adventures in the New Year. The Hour of Land. Award-winning author Terry Tempest Williams travels to 12 carefully chosen national parks including Yellowstone, Acadia and Big Bend in this insightful journey. Equal parts memoir, natural history and ecology manifesto, Williams' book honors the centennial of the National Park Service by exploring why the protected, wild lands matter to the soul of America.
The Radiance of Tomorrow
Even as we return from our holiday travels and time spent with family to head into a new year, voices from distant lands can sound surprisingly close and deeply resonant. Take, for example, Ishmael Beah's words about his decision to write his new novel, The Radiance of Tomorrow: "How do you try to shape a future if you have a past that's still pulling at you?" he wonders. "People go back home with different nostalgias. The younger generation returns because their parents and grandparents have told them stories about how this place used to be. The older people are holding onto tradition. You have all of this push and pull; people are trying to live together.