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An Interview with Simon Winchester
Best-selling writer Simon Winchester needs little introduction to most travelers. Whether exploring the Yangtze River from source to sea,the Oxford dictionary from A to Z, foreign lands from Korea to Krakatoa or oceans from Atlantic to
Gift Books for the Holidays

Need a gift idea for the traveler in your life? Click here for our travel gift guide, sign up for our new fall catalog, then browse these lovely illustrated gift books!   The Best Places to Be Today. This useful catalog arranges the world's most exciting, fun and awe-inspiring events into 365 unforgettable days. The discerning editors at Lonely Planet introduce nature hikes through Patagonia, the Up Helly Aa festival in Scotland (where they actually burn a Viking longship) and the glittering Yamayaki, Japan's fire festival. A great way to plan, say, your next birthday?  (TVL596, $19.

Blue Hope
National Geographic Explorer-in Residence, Time magazine’s first Hero of the Planet and a Library of Congress Living Legend, Sylvia Earle, dubbed "Her Deepness" by the New Yorker, is an international advocate, ambassador and champion of all things ocean. Her current efforts are galvanized behind the Mission Blue movement, a massive campaign to ignite support to save the world’s oceans through a network of marine protected areas called “Hope Spots.” In her informative and graceful large-format book, Blue Hope, the deep-sea crusader pays tribute to the necessity and mystique of the ocean.