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An Interview with Olivia Laing
Olivia Laing’s books are not easily categorized. To the River is a survey not only of the Ouse River and the English countryside that spreads from its banks, but of the entire landscape of English literature, from Kenneth Grahame and Iris Murdoch to Virginia Woolf, whose complicated relationship to the river in which she drowned is delicately excavated and explored. In The Trip to Echo Spring she examines the link between creativity and alcohol through the work and lives of six American writers, traveling to the places that defined their lives. With 
The Lonely City
Independent travelers understand that exploring the world alone can be an enriching experience, leading to unique encounters and new perspectives. Alone, the traveler is free to reflect on what they see and more likely to engage with the strangers around them. But while solitary travel can be enriching, it can often be lonely, wrought with feelings of discomfort and isolation. For anyone who has experienced the alienation of being alone in a new place, Olivia Laing’s new book The Lonely City will be a welcome companion.
The Trip to Echo Spring
In her first book, To the River, Olivia Laing walked from the source of the Ouse River to the sea, enriching her travelogue with tangential reflections on the landscape’s role in English literature. In her new book, The Trip to Echo Spring, Laing is again on the trail of writers, this time American, riding trains from New York to Key West, up the Mississippi, through the Twin Cities and west to Port Angeles as she follows F.