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Iceland's Ring Road
Assistant Editor Ashley Bergman spent a week traveling Iceland's Ring Road in early June, where she found a favorite spot among the sheep, protector trolls and literary characters of the country's striking landscape.
Catherine's Tucson Food Tour
As we near the end of another cold, gray winter on the East Coast, I’ve kept myself afloat with memories of a recent trip to the desert city of Tucson. Though it’s been associated of late with violence and tragedy, the city that I called home for several years is a wonderfully warm place, both in climate and spirit. Pine-covered mountains and the arid expanse of the Sonoran; palm trees and towering saguaro; modern strip malls and historic adobe neighborhoods; students emblazoned with University of Arizona logos and Spanish-speaking locals: the dualities make for a unique character. And fabulous food. Day one: having just arrived, what better way to start our Mexican Food Extravaganza than en route from the airport to our accommodations (i.e.
La Carolina Lodge, Costa Rica
Back From Costa Rica .... Darrel Schoeling Longitude Editor
Don't forget to bring your bird guide -- and appetite -- if you are heading to La Carolina Lodge on the flanks of Volcan Tenorio on Costa Rica's northern Caribbean slope (a short drive from Liberia or the Nicoya beach resorts). We saw two species of trogon, plenty of tanagers and many other birds, both at the Lodge and... on the well-maintained trails in the park. A working hacienda, La Carolina lodge is eco-friendly by tradition with meals for all, including ranch hands, made by Anna at a wood-burning stove, most of the food grown on the farm; illumination is by candle light; and the rustic-stone pool, heated by a wood fire and built alongside the river, is out of this world.
Usaquén, Bogotá, Colombia
I recently spent a couple of weeks in Bogotá in a further somewhat fruitless attempt to shove some workable spanish into my thickening middle-aged skull.  Well, ok, also just to have a good time.  Bogota is not quite what I expected: It's a vast, teeming metropolis — the size of the place was  a tad overwhelming even to this 25-yr Manhattanite.  The streets are very crowded, despite its reputation as bicycle forward, and the love of the middle-to-upper classes for shopping malls makes for an unusual urban mix.
Sacred Valley, Peru
Having run into Nadia LeBon at the New York Times Travel Show last winter (she is very persuasive), a small group of us headed to Peru last month for the lodge-to-lodge Santa Teresa trek, which Nadia and her husband Leo are promoting in the U.S. We were very well taken care of (more on that later). If, like me, you haven't been to Peru for a decade, you might be surprised at the superb food, reliable air connections and excellent lodging most everywhere. Lima is hopping. We stayed in the Barranco neighborhood at a mansion by the sea, home of artist Victor Delphin, run as a
Ankara, Turkey
Yes, I am back, but only after enacting every nightmare airport scenario known to modern civilization. The missing the flight and being told it would cost $8,000 dollars to rebook scenario. The four hour delay for a broken bathroom scenario. Yes, and of course, the mad dash through Heathrow as your flight is closing scenario (& this wasn’t even the 8,000 dollar flight).