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Chimney Rock
chimney3Kindly contributed by historian David Welky, whose new book A Wretched and Precarious Situation we are thrilled to recommend to travelers to the Arctic. Delving into newly discovered letters, diary entries and field notes, Welky uncovers how the Crocker Land Expedition (1913 to 1917) survived shipwreck, disease, low supplies and murder while trying to explore (what they thought was) a new continent. Here he shares how his work as a historian colors his experience of each destination he visits.   As a professional historian, I feel the past wherever I go. Walking into a bungalow home sends me into the Roaring Twenties.
Catherine's Tucson Food Tour
As we near the end of another cold, gray winter on the East Coast, I’ve kept myself afloat with memories of a recent trip to the desert city of Tucson. Though it’s been associated of late with violence and tragedy, the city that I called home for several years is a wonderfully warm place, both in climate and spirit. Pine-covered mountains and the arid expanse of the Sonoran; palm trees and towering saguaro; modern strip malls and historic adobe neighborhoods; students emblazoned with University of Arizona logos and Spanish-speaking locals: the dualities make for a unique character. And fabulous food. Day one: having just arrived, what better way to start our Mexican Food Extravaganza than en route from the airport to our accommodations (i.e.