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America's Covered Bridges
Kindly contributed by Ronald G. Knapp, expert in all things Chinese, author of Things Chinese, Chinese Bridges, Chinese Houses and House Home Family: Living and Being Chinese and co-author of the recently released America's Covered Bridges, which follows the fascinating story of these icons of the American landscape, from their construction to their impact on America's transportation system and expansion as a nation.
America's Covered Bridges
Kindly contributed by Terry Miller, veteran bridger and author of the new book America’s Covered Bridges.
I’ve been visiting covered bridges since age eight, first with my father, and then, after I got my driver’s license in 1962, on my own.  Since 1953 I have seen well over 1,000 bridges in the United States, Canada, Switzerland and China.  As an intrepid bridger, I found no obstacles too difficult to climb over, no signs threatening enough to scare me off and no state of deterioration too awful to stop me.  Non-bridger friends often saw my actions as foolish.  In retrospect, some were.