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Poetic Earth Journals
It's the perfect souvenir: a beautifully crafted diary, chocked full of your personal travel experiences. Longitude is now carrying Poetic Earth journals, gorgeous, handmade leather journals for the traveler. Here are a few of our favorites. For more travel journals, click here. Surveyor Journal. This high-quality leatherbound journal is made in the style of the classic 1840s surveyor's journal (common during the Civil War) with folded cover, cross-stitched binding and two brass latches. Measures 7 x 10 inches. Celtic Tree of Life Journal.
The Inland Sea
“It is to the Inland Sea that I am bound,” travel writer Donald Richie announces at the opening of his 1971 classic, The Inland Sea, recently republished by Stonebridge Press in a new edition. Richie, bemoaning the industrialization and commercialism threatening Japanese society, flees to the islands scattered across the Inland Sea, a body of water almost completely bound by three of Japan’s four major islands. In the relative isolation of fishing villages he searches out the essence of traditional Japanese culture.
An Interview with Paula McLain
Best-selling author Paula McLain agreed to answer our questions about 1920s Kenya, the extraordinary life of record-setting aviatrix Beryl Markham and what it means to write historical fiction. In her new book Circling the Sun, McLain re-imagines 1920s Kenya and the extraordinary life of record-setting aviator Beryl Markham. Abandoned by her mother and raised on a failing farm among the native Kipsigis tribe, Markham eventually enters the bohemian Happy Valley set and becomes entangled in a love triangle with safari hunter Denys Finch Hatton and author Karen Blixen. Markham's passion and fate, however, would converge in the golden-age world of aviation.
A Woman in Arabia
“I summoned my sheiks,” Sheikh Fahd Beg ibn Hadhdhal told Gertrude Bell upon reading one of her letters, “I read them your letter and I said to them, Oh Sheikhs…This is a woman—what must the men be like!” A similar sense of awe at Bell’s sheer bravado, intelligence and wide-ranging accomplishments grip the reader of her letters, journals, military dispatches and travel writing newly collected in the Penguin edition of A Woman in Arabia: The Writings of the Queen of the Desert. The anthology, edited by Georgina Howell, author of
Stanford Dolman Award Shortlist
It's that time of year again, when an esteemed group of travel writers -- this year Jeremy Seal, Sara Wheeler, Robert Macfarlane, Katie Hickman, Jason Goodwin and Oliver Bullough, headed up by chairman Barnaby Rogerson (proprietor of Eland Books) -- gather to judge the year's best travel writing. On September 28 the newly named Stanford Dolman Travel Book Award of 5,000 pounds will be awarded to one of the following titles selected for the 2015 shortlist. You can view previous winners of the Dolman Travel Book Award here.