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Michael Palin's 10 Best
Globetrotting Michael Palin, who some of us still remember from Monty Python, has for the last 30 years been making a string of entertaining travel documentaries starting with the marvelous Around the World in Eighty Days. In a recent interview in the UK Daily Mail, Palin  reveals his Ten Greatest Travel Books.  Topping the list is Jan Morris' marvelous The World of Venice, "the first book I read that really brought alive my appetite for travel.
Bradt wins Wanderlust Award
Bradt guidebooks wins the Wanderlust 2011 Top Guidebook Award. From Sierra Leone to Botswana, Ethiopia, the Ukraine, Uruguay and and Ghana, Bradt has a well-deserved reputation for getting to emerging destinations first. They also publish Longitude's best selling wildlife guide to places like Antarctica, the Arctic, Galapagos, New Zealand and China. Managing Director, Donald Greig accepted the top award for Best Guidebook Series at Destinations travel show in London on Thursday 3rd February.
Happy Losar
Lisa Napoli, author of Radio Shangri-La (or, What I learned in Bhutan, the Happiest Kingdom on Earth) describes the festivities marking the Bhutanese New Year, celebrated on February 4th this year, the year of the iron female rabbit: "There are a few important things to know about the Bhutanese New Year, in addition to the fact that shops, schools, offices -- almost everything except Kuzoo FM -- shuts down for three days in celebration. For one thing, the slaughtering of animals is prohibited. By government decree, the butchers remain closed throughout the first calendar month. Killing is never good for one's karma, but it is seen as a particularly inauspicious way to launch a new year.
Happy New Year
kiboHere's our Holiday schedule. Longitude will be closed Friday December 24, Monday December 27 and Tuesday December 28, back for a visit on Wednesday and Thursday, December 29-30, then closed on Friday December 31. On Monday January 3 we return to work, alas, from Arizona, Vermont, Massachusetts and Brooklyn. Wishing you peace and joy, along with good reading and travels, in the New Year!
It's official: winter is here -- heralded by a lunar eclipse on December 21st no less. For the naturalist in your life, we suggest Bernd Heinrich's Winter World or Peter Marchand's excellent introduction to winder ecology, Life in the Cold. The there's Winter Wheat, Mildred Walker's classic memoir of coming of age on a Montana farm in the 1940s. Or
The Longitude Blog
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We've got a blog! We’ll be publishing A Favorite Place, kindly contributed by author and travel colleagues, a Book of the Week, reports from the field and more about travel books and places. We look forward to your comments -- and contributions.  Please let us know where you're heading -- and what your reading. With big thanks for all the support, Daniel Kaizer & Darrel Schoeling
New Chinese Literature
Contemporary Chinese LiteratureHoward Goldblatt, sometimes with his wife and fellow translator Sylvia Li-Chun Lin, have introduced dozens of new authors -- a who's who of contemporary Chinese literature. Their translations include Mo Yan's searing Red Sorghum, Alai's Red Poppies and Wolf Totem, a Longitude best of 2008.
Find the Perfect Travel Book

Longitude is a 2009 T&L Top Travel website, the place "To Find the Perfect Travel Book.".

Click Factor: This online bookstore brings order to the world of travel publications. While you can find much of what’s here on Amazon, Longitude takes a more neighborly attitude toward travel reading, recommending “summer reads,” “neglected classics,” “food & wine”—all organized geographically. The site’s “essential reading” list narrows the most useful reads for each region to four or five picks, helpfully grouping them at the top of the page. T+L Tip: Can’t find what you want? Call the store. Longitude can special-order your book and its well-traveled staff can recommend books for any trip.