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Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island
Joshua Slocum
Kindly Contributed By Geoffrey Wolff
Author of The Hard Way Around
"My family kept our 30-foot cutter, the Blackwing, on a mooring off the east coast of Conanicut Island. Jamestown, Rhode Island faces Newport, a couple of miles across Narragansett Bay from that legendary har bor where Joshua Slocum anchored after his pioneering solo circumnavigation of the world ended on June 27, 1898 after 46,000 miles — three years, two months and two days. It was on a June afternoon ninety years later that — sailing solo from Block Island — I tried to imagine what he must have felt bringing his adventure to an end.
Eva Ibbotson 1925-2010
The celebrated Austrian-British author of The Star of Kazan and many other books for children and adults died at home in Newcastle on 20 October 2010. A delightful young adult adventure, The Star of Kazan twists and turns through Ibbotson's fin-de-siecle Vienna. Annika, a foundling taken in by a household of eccentric professors and kind hearted servants, is enchanted by the spectacle of Vienna and the simple pleasures of domestic chores. Her life is turned upside-down when her aristocratic mother unexpectedly reappears in her life and sweeps her off to live in a castle in Germany. Ibbotson, a favorite writer for children, spent her early years in Vienna.
Happy Mother's Day

Cooking with Italian Grandmothers

Let the stories, recipes and love of the nonnas inspire your own Happy Mother's Day. Jessica Theroux's culinary celebration, as much travelogue as cookbook, brings together recipes, anecdotes and photographs of 12 Italian grandmothers she met over a year in Italy, including Armida pictured below. With a map, essay, interview and (this is the best part) authentic recipes by each grandmother, from the perfect panna cotta to classic meat lasagna. Yum.
Sarzana, Liguria