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A library on board your train or ship, or in your lodge, hotel or guesthouse is a great way to show your guests you care about their experiences. When travelers are not out exploring, they can immerse themselves in the writings of famous authors, learn about places they’ll see or read reviews of a bar, restaurant or theater that may be right around the corner. A library on location will contribute to the richness of your travelers' experiences.

If you don't manage an accommodation or ship, you might consider having a library in your office. A library would help staff learn about popular travel destinations, provide resources for your sales staff to serve your potential travelers better and give the creative team information to develop better, more convincing collateral. A library can be a very valuable asset and cost far less than you might think.

Longitude is happy to build a library just for you. Our experts will research and compile a mix of books customized to your needs and budget that can be strategically developed over time. Longitude has created libraries for travel companies across the globe as well as for small and large cruise companies. We can help you put together a library that will not only be helpful and educational, but also aesthetically beautiful.

Libraries sound expensive, but they don't have to be. No matter the size of your library, your company will receive the best possible discounts so you can get the best value for your budget.

When you combine the expertise of Longitude's specialists with Longitude's buying power it makes a lot of sense to enlist our services as you incorporate books and maps into your travelers' everyday experience. To gain access to Longitude's library creation services, become a Longitude partner. Once you are registered as a partner, we will put you in contact with our library creation team.

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