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The longest state in the nation, California has much to offer the traveler, from stunning beaches and ocean views to wineries, state parks and major cities. We’ve got books on Yosemite National Park, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Mojave Desert, among many other popular destinations.

Follow the links below to see recommended reading for each destination.

The Longitude Blog – California
Jack London State Park
Kindly contributed by Terri Peterson Smith, author of Off the Beaten Page and a writer after our own hearts. Her excellent guide to literary sites across the U.S. is ideal for book clubs and small groups looking to plan a trip around their favorite books. The thoroughly researched book includes practical advice for planning stress-free group travel, recommended reading, essays describing each destination's literary heritage and suggested three-day itineraries curated around popular and classic literature. You can learn more at www.offthebeatenpagetravel.com.
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