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Rising from the eastern end of the Black Sea, the Caucasus region is filled with picturesque villages, thick forests and snow-capped peaks. It's also one of the most culturally diverse places on Earth, with a strong mix of languages, ethnicities and cuisines. We recommend some background reading on Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. A political primer, a travel guide or Neal Ascherson's Black Sea are all good places to start.

Follow the links below to see recommended reading for each destination.

The Longitude Blog – Caucasus
CAS248“Can any other place on earth provide such a feast for the senses?” Caroline Eden wonders in the introduction to her new book Samarkand: Recipes and Stories from Central Asia and the Caucasus. She describes her first visit to the fabled city of the Silk Road as time travel to a place that has been at the crossroads of culture for centuries. Along with her co-author Eleanor Ford, Eden captures the sensual experience of Samarkand through sumptuous recipes, gorgeous color photographs and personal reminiscences and historical anecdotes that fill out the textures and flavors of the place.