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Central America

Central America

Central America's tropical rainforests, pristine reefs and Mayan and colonial ruins attract thousands of travelers each year. And who could forget the epic Panama Canal? Brush up on your Spanish, explore the history of coffee or browse our wide variety of books on tropical nature before you head to this unique part of the Americas.

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The Longitude Blog – Central America
The Lost Cities of the Mayas

The British artist Frederick Catherwood and his American traveling companion, John Lloyd Stephens, were the first Westerners to view the enthralling architecture of the lost cities of the ancient Maya. In 1839 the two intrepid explorers discovered the Mayan pyramids of Copan, abandoned ten centuries before and forgotten under the cover of a thick tropical rainforest. Catherwood and Stephens went on to uncover many more mysteries of the Mayan world, discoveries that Stephens faithfully recorded in a travel diary that was richly illustrated by Catherwood.