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Longitude was founded on the idea that literature adds great value to a travel experience and creating customized reading lists for our travel partners is the mainstay for the company today. If you require a reading list for a destination not already on our site or customized for your particular itinerary or affinity group, just pass your travel itineraries to our team of editors. Our professionals will create customized reading lists specifically for your programs.

The reading lists cover a wide variety of books for each destination, including guidebooks, travel memoirs, fiction, histories, wildlife guides and books on art, architecture, food and language. Our editors are constantly visiting book trade events, scouring publisher catalogs and monitoring information from a host of publishers and distributors to provide you with a reading list that is not only interesting, but up to date.

Each reading list includes what we call the ‘Essential Reading Package.' These items, usually four or five books and a map, form the core of what your traveler will need to have the best experience on their trip with you. The ‘Essential Reading Package' is priced at 15% off the retail price, including shipping. As an extra perk, anything else the customer purchases in addition to the package will ship at no additional charge.

Once the reading lists are created it's important to get the list into the travelers' hands, ideally with the initial trip confirmation. This gives the traveler an abundant amount of time to review the list, decide what to buy, and receive and read the books. We also encourage you to display the reading lists on your website as a resource, adding value to your overall offer.

The Longitude reading list service is free. As long as the lists are being actively distributed to your travelers we are happy to create all the reading lists you need. This service also does not cost your travelers.

If you are presently not partnering with Longitude and would like to, just click here and complete the form. It only takes about two minutes to get started.

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