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Drop Shipping Services

If your company wants to surprise your best customers with an end-of-the-year gift or send tour participants a complimentary book to read before their trip, Longitude can make this almost effortless for you.

Imagine your clients’ pleasure as they receive a beautiful coffee table book featuring a destination they’ve just visited. Or envision providing tour participants with a narrative covering the areas they’ll visit on their trip. Or maybe you have an FIT program and want to provide all your guests with a guidebook before they leave. Longitude can provide these services so that your time and energy can be spent elsewhere.

Longitude can select the perfect complimentary book for your travelers. We have our fingers on the pulse of the travel literary world and will know just the right book. We’d be happy to include the customized reading list we've created for you along with the book in case the travelers wish to have additional reading options.

We can even drop ship books directly to your customers. For a small fee, Longitude will hold your books in our warehouse and then package the books with your collateral and send them directly to your customers. We can make the packages appear as if they came from your office by placing your company’s logo and return address on the mailing label.

To access our drop shipping services, become a Longitude partner. Once you are a registered partner, the ease of sending complimentary books or maps to your clients is just an email away.

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