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Earning the Rockies, How Geography Shapes America's Role in the World

Robert D. Kaplan
Random House
Travel Narrative

On a cross-country journey through the American West, acclaimed author Robert Kaplan paints a portrait of the region today. He follows the same lanes as his father, who drove trucks for a living, and meditates on historic westward expansion and its deep effects on the American ethos and American foreign policy. His analysis even encompasses globalization and the anger and alienation that many Americans feel today.

ISBN: 9780399588228
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Editorial Reviews

Robert Kaplan usually looks outward from the United States. Ever since President Bill Clinton was spotted with a copy of Balkan Ghosts under his arm (and it was devoured by the entire White House staff) Kaplan’s career has skewed towards precarious situations abroad. Now, in his latest book Earning the Rockies, the foreign policy expert rediscovers America on a cross-country drive all the way from Massachusetts to San Diego.

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