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Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe

While perhaps less-visited than their western neighbors, the countries of Eastern Europe have seen increasing amounts of visitors with the demise of Yugoslavia and the advent of the European Union. Rich in cultural heritage, diverse in language and landscape—from the Croatian Coast to Slovenia’s Alps—Eastern Europe's hidden delights are being discovered by more and more travelers. Our books on the region prepare you for the range of cultures you will encounter, including the Roma, who are beautifully portrayed in Isabel Fonesca’s Bury Me Standing. Tamek Jankoski’s history of Eastern Europe entertains while novels like The Unbearable Lightness of Being reveal life under Communist Rule.

Follow the links below to see recommended reading for each destination.

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A Fragment of Central Europe
EUR508Kindly contributed by Lucy Abel-Smith, author of the new Blue Guide Travels in Transylvania. With maps, plans and photographs, this accessible guide to Transylvania's "land that time forgot" focuses on its small towns. With cultural heritage from Romania, Hungaria, Saxony and Judaea, the lovely Tarnava Valley is home to an extraordinary mix of cultures and landscapes.
. Richis/Reichesdorf is a small village in the centre of Transylvania, now part of Romania but Hungarian until 1918. It thrived under its Saxon population, from its 12th century foundation under the Hungarian kings.