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Elephant Complex, Travels in Sri Lanka

John Gimlette
Random House
Travel Narrative

This exuberant travelogue by an award-winning writer takes stock of Sri Lanka, from the capital city of Colombo through the remotest interior. In his eye-opening journey, John Gimlette visits elephants, forts, tea plantations, devil-dancers, tribesmen, expats, an ex-president and much more. He mixes his narrative with colonial history (Portuguese, British, Dutch and Danish) and plenty of lucid observations.

ISBN: 9780345806994
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Award-winning journalist John Gimlette’s exuberant travelogues have entertained and informed readers about far-flung places, from Suriname to Labrador. In his new book Elephant Complex, he turns his attention to Sri Lanka, discussing everything from its startling landscapes to traumatic recent history.
  Longitude. You’ve written about countries as diverse as Paraguay, Newfoundland and French Guiana, but your travels to Sri Lanka begin in your own backyard of Tooting, England, with the Tamil diaspora who are your neighbors. ... more

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