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Every Day in Tuscany, Seasons of an Italian Life

Frances Mayes
Broadway Books

Twenty years later, Mayes is still besotted by Italy -- by her house, the tumbling geraniums, white hydrangeas, the people and food of Tuscany -- all lovingly documented in this third delightful book about life at her beloved Bramisole. With recipes throughout, notes and interludes in Portofino, Assisi and Rome, along with an appreciative chapter on Renaissance master Luca Signorelli.

ISBN: 9780767929837
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Editorial Reviews

Kindly Contributed By Frances Mayes Author of Every Day In Tuscany Frances MayesWhen I’m at home in Tuscany and the mood strikes for a gita, a little trip, I often say, “Let’s go over to Sansepolcro.”  This flat and livable town was, of course, home to Renaissance painter Piero della Francesca and his work still hangs in the Museo Civico.  The Resurrection of Christ is one of the most profound works of art on earth.  Reason enough for a pilgrimage but the town itself is a joy.  It’s one of those places where you walk around and think I could live here. ... more

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