Extreme Adventure

Kindly contributed by Longitude co-founder Darrel Schoeling.

  Inveterate traveler and photographer Peter Guttman — as you will soon discover from his just-published Extreme Adventure, A Photographic Exploration of Wild Experiences — likes to have fun! Open any page of this marvelously photographed roundup of amazing things to do around the world and you too will fall under his spell. We suggest starting at page 183, a selfie of Peter, his son Chase and co-conspirator and wife Lori mid-run on a toboggan having a blast in a place that you’ve ever heard: Eagles Mere, Pennsylvania (population 120), where “for over a century of winters, hardy volunteer fireman have utilized saws and harpoons to hoist about a thousand three-hundred pound blocks of frozen lake into position on the edge of a steep incline to create one frictionless ribbon of descent.” That’s vintage Peter, who you will also discover manifestly has a thing for Americana.        

Loosely organized by the nature of the thrill — aerial, aquatic, on the trail of wildlife, trekking in weird places, at high velocity (see above), and unusual lodging (another of Peter’s hallmarks). Not extreme in the sense that you might be thinking, these adventures are for everyone with no cliff diving or bungee jumping or other adrenaline-for-the-sake-of-adrenaline stunts anywhere in sight. Peter has been everywhere, and one of the wonderful things about this best-of collection of enthralling adventures is accessibility. The book has plenty of fun, family friendly things to do in these United States (ice boating on the Hudson or hot air ballooning over Albuquerque anyone?) in addition to a smattering of high-ticket organized trips like gorilla trekking and hanging out with Iban in Borneo.      

Each of the 50 amazing experiences includes a few vivid color photographs, most featuring people in action and many blown up to full-page, along with a few “you-are-there” accompanying paragraphs. A marvelous dream book, sure to appeal to any traveler with a sense of wonder, where Peter is the map!