Films from National Geographic

NAT175You know we recommend what books to read before you travel, but we can also tell you what movies to watch! Browse our wide selection of place-based films, including these fascinating documentaries from National Geographic. Some favorites are featured below, but you can see an even wider selection here. Happy viewing!

Darwin's Secret NotebooksAgainst a stunning backdrop of aerial, underwater and wildlife photography, evolutionary biologist Armand Leroi leads us on this unforgettable journey, retracing the discoveries of Darwin in Galapagos, South America and beyond, debunking the misconceptions that it was just his five weeks in the Galapagos that led Darwin's groundbreaking ideas.

EGY425Egypt Unwrapped. A stunning National Geographic production that explores Egypt's greatest mysteries, including the construction of the pyramids, the legacy of Ramses the Great and the story behind the Screaming Man's haunting expression. Running Time: 360 minutes.

The Great White Bear. National Geographic follows a polar bear family during a two-year Arctic odyssey filled with unforgettable moments. Witness as curious cubs emerge from their den for the first time after a three-month hibernation, go "ice-crashing" with the polar bear family as they hunt for seals, and feel the tension as the mother protects her cubs from a hostile male, one of many dangers lurking.

HML135Everest, 50 Years on the Mountain. An insightful film commemorating the 50th anniversary of the first ascent of Mount Everest by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. National Geographic gives a history of Everest climbing while following a modern-day ascent of the great mountain, led by the sons of the famous climbers who, once again, brave its challenge.

Wolves, A Legend Returns to Yellowstone. This hour-long documentary follows the reintroduction of the gray wolf to Yellowstone National Park, and shows how this important predator helps to maintain a balanced wildlife population.

The Hidden World of the Bengal Tiger. Focusing on a tigress called Lakshmi and her three cubs, National Geographic portrays an epic struggle for survival that takes place over two full years. Runtime: 57 minutes.

CAF37Gabon, The Last Eden. This stunning film recounts the dedicated journey of an African leader and group of scientists to create 13 new national parks in Gabon and preserve one of the earth's last wild places. Narrated by Glenn Close.

Wild Alaska. National Geographic takes viewers along Alaska's rugged coasts focusing on its wildlife, and how wild creatures survive the harsh winter. Runtime: 45 minutes.

Jane Goodall: My Life with Chimpanzees. National Geographic heads to Tanzania to visit with the world's foremost expert on chimpanzees. Jane Goodall introduces the members of the troop she studies, talks in "chimp speak" and explains the group's rituals. Runtime: 52 minutes.

USA441National Parks Collection. Thrill to the wonders of planet earth with National Geographic's National Parks Collection, a seven-disc compilation showcasing the hidden beauty of our national parks. From the Grand Canyon's unexplored back country to Hawaii's hidden coral reefs, this breathtaking anthology takes you beyond the tourist hot spots to explore these amazing places as never before.

Rain Forest. By filming leaf-cutting ants, water-walking lizards, howler monkeys and plenty of other South American creatures, National Geographic created this classic portrayal of the tropical rainforest. Runtime: 60 minutes.

BOT32Relentless Enemies. Beverly and Derick Joubert capture the drama, power and beauty of the Okavango in this award-winning National Geographic documentary.

Dawn of the Maya. National Geographic investigates the Preclassic Maya, discrediting the belief that they were a primitive culture and revealing instead a flourishing society that created elaborate art and massive pyramids. Runtime: 60 minutes.

Wild Yellowstone. Utilizing the latest tools and techniques in cinematography, National Geographic portrays the world-famous wildlife and natural splendor of Yellowstone. Runtime: 90 minutes.