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Galapagos, A Natural History

Michael Jackson
University of Calgary Press
Natural History

This comprehensive overview of the habitats, plants, birds, and animals of the islands, written with the curious visitor in mind, is practically mandatory reading. It's the single best overview of the archipelago. Jackson also includes a useful bibliography, wildlife checklists and a list of plants by vegetation zone. Illustrated with many charts and maps, we refer to the book often.

ISBN: 9781895176407
Editorial Reviews

Kindly contributed by Michael Jackson, author of the indispensable Galapagos, A Natural History.
“Among my favorite places in Galapagos is Punta Suarez on Isla Espanola, where at the end of the visitor trail you suddenly find yourself at the top of a cliff with a magnificent view to the south. This is a great place to sit down and watch the Galapagos world go by.  Frigatebirds cruise effortlessly on the updraft created by the south-easterly winds, always on the lookout to snatch a meal. Nazca and blue-footed boobies glide back and forth, and swallow-tailed gulls hover over the rocks. When the waved albatross colony is active, the birds waddle up to the edge of the cliff, pause and then leap into a graceful glide. A Galápagos hawk often perches atop a small pointed peak in the distance. ... more

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