Gifts for Travelers

WLD193The holiday season has arrived! We’re here to lighten your load with book recommendations for that person in your life who is always off somewhere new! These gorgeous illustrated gift books would make a treasured addition to any traveler’s library. Happy holidays and safe travels this season!

The Travel Book. Each country, no matter how big or small, gets a double-page spread in this big, glossy celebration of travel. All the countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe get a portfolio of color photographs, a map, brief overview and fun facts. Irresistible!

The Arctic. Presenting the best works from a range of Arctic photographers, this unparalleled collection celebrates the region's beautiful landscapes, biodiversity, native peoples and rapidly changing environment. The volume includes essays by a National Geographic explorer. Perfect for travelers seeking new inspiration, or as a trip memento. MAP59

Great City Maps. Published in association with the Smithsonian Institution, this well-illustrated collection uses unique historical maps as gateways to 30 of the world's greatest cities. The editors at DK pair captivating cartography with historical analysis, sharing the stories behind each map and shining a light on the civilizations that created Rome, Jerusalem, New York, Tokyo and other urban masterpieces. Perfect for map lovers and history buffs alike.

Wild Beautiful Places. National Geographic sent photographers on assignment and went deep into their archives to produce this collection of 50 pristine locales picked especially for nature travelers. Secluded valleys, mountain ranges and rugged plains fill the beautifully illustrated coffee table book, which includes engaging photo descriptions and practical travel advice. A glimpse at the world's most exotic natural destinations. GPS127

Evolution. In a collection of 200 photographs, award-winning photographer Robert Clark celebrates the foundations of modern science and the astonishing diversity of life on Earth. His edifying photographs reawaken readers to humankind's ancestors and great contributions to evolutionary science, including Darwin's famous Galapagos finches and the links between dinosaurs and modern birds.

China Cookbook. This immense cookbook is the definitive work on the world's oldest cuisine. Featuring over 650 authentic Chinese recipes, the impressive assemblage showcases dishes from 20 different regions of China. Recipes include popular staples, regional classics and selections from star chefs, including: Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs, Dim Sum, Fujian Fried Rice and Jiangsu's Drunken Chicken BRD148

Remarkable Birds. This ornithological celebration delves into humans' fascination with the avian world with illuminating illustrations, prints and drawings. Nature writer Mark Avey touches on songbirds, birds of prey, bird migrations, plumages, the symbolism of birds, bird colonies, endangered species and the ways that birds have been useful to humans. A thorough overview, beautifully produced.

Yellowstone. Bestselling nature author David Quammen (The Song of the Dodo, CON05) turns his attention to America's most iconic national park with eloquent text and plenty of vivid photographs. With Quammen's trademark blend of history, science and field research, the ode to Yellowstone brings readers deeper into the life of the park: its misty mountain peaks, gray wolves, sweeping valleys and geologic wonders. BRD147

Penguins and Other Seabirds. Ornithologist and illustrator Matt Sewell produced this art book featuring 50 of the world's penguins and sea birds. With pop-art watercolors and whimsical descriptions, Sewell express the individual characters of the birds (like a penguin that is only 13 inches tall, one who sports bushy yellow eyebrows and many more curious feathered friends) found in polar climes. Pocket-sized, it would make the perfect stocking stuffer!

Atlas Obscura. Funny, magical and strange, this guide provides hundreds of mind-blowing reasons to leave your living room and travel the globe. Not only will you find a place that will trim your falcon's talons, but Saddam Hussein's copy of the Qur'an (written in his own blood), haunted hotels, the Rat Temple of Karni Mata (where it's good luck if rats run across your bare feet) and an eccentric bone museum.