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Indonesia, Etc., Exploring the Improbable Nation

Elizabeth Pisani
W. W. Norton & Company
Cultural Portrait

Though she traveled 26,000 miles around the 13,500 islands that comprise Indonesia, journalist Elizabeth Pisani goes far beyond the numbers to explore what holds the impossibly disparate nation together. Along her journey, she debates corruption and cannibalism, navigates impossibly strange traditions and sleeps in a volcano.

ISBN: 9780393351279
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Editorial Reviews

Elizabeth Pisani is the perfect tour guide to Indonesia, that hodgepodge assemblage of nearly 14,000 islands with little in common but a name. Pisani first encountered the archipelago as a teenager backpacking through Java and Bali, then again during a three-year stint as a regional reporter for Reuters and once more as an epidemiologist for the Indonesian Ministry of Health. In 2011, Pisani decided to return, this time on her own terms. She spent the year island hopping, and, in hopes of making the “most invisible country in the world” more visible, wrote about her adventures alongside the country’s history and current affairs in Indonesia, Etc. ... more

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