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The rich heritage of Ireland draws travelers again and again to its green landscapes, dramatic cliffs, historic cities and packed pubs. Literary festivals such as Bloomsday celebrate the vibrant literature of the country—a canon that includes the works of James Joyce, W.B. Yeats, Edna O'Brien and Oscar Wilde. We invite you to read the novels, history and memoirs that have shaped and continue to influence the visitor's experience of the Irish and their land.

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The Longitude Blog – Ireland
Meet Me in Atlantis
In his follow-up to his bestseller Turn Right at Machu Picchu, Mark Adams delves into the crazy, exciting world of “Atlantology,” visiting communities of amateur scholars convinced that the lost city of Atlantis is the only destination worth seeking. Meet Me in Atlantis digs deep into Mediterranean history, analyzes ancient philosophy and tries to separate Atlantis fact from fiction. Adams explores places as diverse as Morocco, Ireland, Malta, Minnesota and the Rock of Gibraltar in his quest for the lost city. Written in clear, nonchalant prose, Adams’ travel narrative is also an experiment in historical travel.
Happy Bloomsday!
Happy Bloomsday, everyone! June 16 marks the day when James Joyce met his wife Nora Barnacle. To commemorate that occasion, Joyce set his masterpiece Ulysses -- a 600 plus page novel that follows Leopold Bloom, a Jewish advertising salesman, around his everyday life in Dublin -- on that day in 1904. To celebrate that feat, readers from all over the world gather for public readings, re-enactments and, of course, plenty of drinking on June 16.
About Ireland
Hibernophiles rejoice! The English quiz master, historian and polymath, Christopher Winn celebrated leprechauns, blarney, writer's ghosts, castles and keeps across Ireland from Galaway to Kildare, Wexford and Limerick in these entertaining, informative books. He came up with the idea for the I Never Knew That... series as a tour guide all over the British Isles.