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Light and Dust, Images and Stories from the Wild of East Africa

Federico Veronesi
Random House
Art & Architecture

This gorgeously photographed tribute to the animals of East Africa captures the region’s wild creatures at their most sociable and dramatic. To create the book, dedicated photographer Federico Veronesi spent years camping in the Maasai Mara National Reserve and brought his camera into tumultuous weather -- literally following animals’ footsteps -- into mists, dust storms and heavy rains. A beautiful ode to survival, narrated by the photographer himself.

ISBN: 9788831720717
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Behind every photograph in the luxurious photo collection Light and Dust, Images and Stories from the Wild of East Africa is the prodigious passion of Italian photographer Federico Veronesi. His love for the Masai Mara drove Veronesi to his vocations as a wildlife guide, environmental activist and photographer -- and also to long mornings hiding in the backseat of his car watching antelopes, exhausting days of searching and dark nights of camping, “feeling like the only human on earth.” His photography searches for the still moments of “now” that overshadow Veronesi’s deep concerns for the area’s conservation. ... more

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