Lonely Planet Make My Day Guides

Introducing Lonely Planet’s new Make My Day series, comprised of city guides designed for the traveler who wants to easily create custom itineraries. With a spiral binding and flip cards, each book offers more than 2,000 possible itineraries for each day -- morning, afternoon and evening. Just flip through to plan the perfect day. The profiles of each attraction are supplemented by nearby restaurants, bars and places of interest, and each book comes with a folded city map. The first cities made available this month include Paris, London, Tokyo, New York City, San Francisco and Barcelona.

Remember those kids' flip books where you mis-matched animal tails, torsos and heads, placing, for example, a giraffe's head on a gorilla's body with an elephant's tail? These guidebooks function in a similar way, only instead of a strange creature you'll end up with a monster of a perfect day. Still not sure how it works? If you’re a "show me" kind of person, we recommend this helpful video.