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My Last Continent

Midge Raymond

In her debut novel, Raymond transports readers to the ethereal Antarctic landscape and into the lives of expedition tour guides, Deb and Keller, who bond over their shared love for the continent and the penguins they study. Vivid and evocative of journeys to the end of the earth and the lives found there.

ISBN: 9781501124716
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authorIn her book My Last Continent, novelist Midge Raymond shares a love story about penguin researchers who find themselves at the heart of a maritime disaster in the Southern Ocean. We've asked her questions about her novel, her research, and her interest in penguins.

1) What inspired you to write about Antarctica? Did you visit the continent before or during writing this novel?

I visited the Antarctic peninsula in 2004, on a small ship much like the Cormorant. Right after returning, I wrote a short story, “The Ecstatic Cry,” which was inspired by a moment in which I saw a passenger fall on the ice near a penguin colony. He was fine, fortunately, but seeing this reinforced the notion that, at the bottom of the world, you are at the mercy of the conditions and of the few people who are with you... ... more

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