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  1. 1. New & Noteworthy: Eco Travel
  2. 2. Happy Spring: For Birders
  3. 3. Featured Destination: Vietnam
  4. 4. New in Paperback: Braving, Making, Finding
  5. 5. For Mothers: Culinary Travel
  6. 6. For Kids: Empowering Global Citizens

Dear Traveler,

Spring is the perfect season to get outdoors and appreciate the natural world. As travelers, we take seriously our responsibility to protect and nurture the environment in which we find ourselves. This month we're highlighting a few titles that emphasize the importance of ecologically-minded travel. We've got some especially delightful books for the birders out there, and if you have a travelin' mom, this newsletter is full of thoughtful gifts for mothers!

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To fresh starts and new destinations,

Jodie Vinson


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The Natural World (NAT198, $40.00)

A retrospective of nearly 20 years roaming the globe, photographer Thomas D. Mangelsen celebrates wildlife and landscapes from Namibia and the Serengeti to coastal Alaska, Hudson Bay, Antarctica and India in 115 painterly color photographs, just out in a new edition.

Where the Water Goes, Life and Death Along the Colorado River (USW827, $28.00)

As he traces the Colorado River from its headwaters to the river's end, David Owen explores how a patchwork of agreements and infrastructure enables life to flourish in the desert. He tells the surprising (even startling) story of where water comes from and where it goes.

The New Neotropical Companion (GPS11, $35.00)

From plants and animals to birds and bugs, it's all here in this wonderfully written overview of the ecology, habitats, plants and animals of Central and South America. A revised and expanded second edition.

The Wilder Muir (CAL437, $12.99)

The follow-up to The Wild Muir, this collection of John Muir's writing incorporates more inspirational, droll pieces from the conservationist. In this installment, Muir reaches the summits of Half Dome and Mount Rainier, surveys the glaciers of Sierra, traipses through Florida and California and beyond.


Lost Among the Birds (BRD153, $18.00)

In this hopeful travel narrative, birder Neil Hayward quits a lucrative executive position and to catapult into a big year. He crosses 28 states and 6 provinces as he finds a renewed sense of calm, confidence and hope in the world.

The Sibley Birder's Life List and Field Diary (BRD152, $19.95)

Written and illustrated by leading ornithologist David Sibley, this North American birder's life list includes 923 species found in the United States and Canada, plus ample space for note-taking. At the back is a checklist.

Mozart's Starling (AST145, $27.00)

Entwining two tales (each one about starlings) this memoir uncovers the charms the bird, often thought of as an invasive pest. Taking her cue from Mozart, who was inspired by his own pet starling, ornithologist Lyanda Lynn Haupt adopts her own and finds an unexpected window onto its secret world.

Part of Bloomsbury's Natural History series, these pocket photo guides depict each country's most common and endemic species of birds. Each bird is illustrated with a clear color photograph and a brief, authoritative description. Ideal for those who travel light, the book easily slips in a pocket or daypack.


Journey Through Vietnam (VNM193, $18.95)

An important examination of the great Southeast Asian nation, Ron Emmons' travel primer shows Vietnam in 200 photographs and engaging text. The British travel writer covers Vietnam's ancient monuments, cuisine, impressive landscapes, architecture and cultural heritage.

Viet Nam, A History from Earliest Times to the Present (VNM195, $34.95)

Ben Kiernan's sophisticated work of scholarship reveals a very old country with a long memory. His tome covers over 3,000 years of ethnic diversity, kingdoms, colonialism, independence and war.

The Vietnam War, The Definitive Illustrated History (VNM192, $40.00)

Created in association with the Smithsonian, this stirring visual record of the Vietnam War illuminates the suffering, sacrifice and heroism in the longest and bloodiest American conflict in the 20th century.

Eyewitness Guide Vietnam and Angkor Wat (VNM102, $25.00)

Featuring innovative site diagrams, local maps and hundreds of color photographs, this handy companion introduces the culture, history and attractions of Vietnam.

Vietnam Map (VNM05, $12.95)

A sturdy, double-sided map of Vietnam, at a good scale (1:1,000,000), including Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and the Hue region. With index.


Braving It: A Father, a Daughter, and an Unforgettable Journey into the Alaskan Wild (ALA396, $16.00)

James Campbell and his 15-year-old daughter visit the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in this tender tribute to Alaskan wilderness and the relationship between a father and his daughter.

Making Monte Carlo (FRA260, $17.00)

In this narrative history, Mark Braude tells the rags-to-riches story of the great 20th-century casino and resort town -- an infamous playground of the rich in the Jazz Age.

Finding Fontainebleau (FRA286, $17.00)

Written by a military officer's son who grew up in Fontainebleau, France (just outside Paris), this memoir sketches the architecture, customs and preoccupations of the French, circa 1950. Capturing his surroundings from a boy's-eye view, Thad Carhart's fun, intriguing meditation tells how he wrestled with the French school system, the French language and, naturally, French food. Carhart is the author of The Piano Shop on the Left Bank (FRA226).

Valiant Ambition (USE688, $18.00)

In this gripping popular history, Philbrick covers the middle years of the American Revolution and the controversial, Shakespearean-like tragedy that unfolded between George Washington and Benedict Arnold. A well-researched work by the National Book Award-winner.

The National Parks, An American Legacy (USA583, $29.99)

Commemorating the 100-year anniversary of the National Park Service, this dramatic photographic journey through all 58 fully fledged national parks proves why they have become national, and international, treasures.


Bangkok, Recipes and Stories from the Heart of Thailand (TLD134, $35.00)

With 120 recipes and excellent photography, this deeply personal ode to Thai food features heirloom family dishes, restaurant classics, modern cosmopolitan fare and street eats. A splendid way to experience the food that Thai people eat every day.

Greece, The Cookbook (GRE643, $49.95)

The bible of modern Greek cuisine. Vefa Alexiadou's Greek specialties combine simple ingredients like olive oil, bread, wine, figs, grapes and cheese into hundreds of healthy and delicious recipes. Her lush collection is filled with 230 color photographs and snippets of Greek history and culture.

Malaysia, Recipes from a Family Kitchen (MSA44, $35.00)

Celebrity chef Ping Coombes, winner of television's MasterChef competition, spotlights the tastes and textures of homespun Malaysian fare in over 100 accessible recipes. " So sek fan la!" (Come and eat!).

Eating Korea (KOR78, $26.99)

Graham Holliday (Eating Viet Nam) continues his mouth-watering series of culinary reportage with this installment on Korea.

Naples and the Amalfi Coast (ITA672, $39.95)

Phaidon's Silver Spoon cookbook on Naples and the Amalfi coast shows one of Italy's most stunning regions through its local cuisine. The editors include plenty of vivid photos and highlight key ingredients from the places that do them best.

Tasting Spain (SPN625, $17.95)

Part travel memoir and part cookbook, this journey through the culinary delights of Spain will have readers packing silverware and rushing for the door. H.M. Van Den Brink's personal recollections about everyday life in Spain evoke busy markets, window-shopping and many scenes that will surely stir readers' appetites.

Dalmatia, Recipes from Croatia's Mediterranean Coast (BLK224, $40.00)

This cookbook features 80 achievable dishes that reflect the rugged, seaside beauty of the country itself, organized into salads, seafood, meat, desserts and drinks.


With so much social change going on in the world, these books for middle readers can help inspire young explorers to become global citizens.

Operation Redwood (CAL458, $9.95)

Set in California, this ecological adventure was written for kids ages 8 to 12. When he intercepts an email intended for his greedy, powerful uncle, Julian Carter-Li discovers a plot to cut down some of California's oldest redwood trees. Julian assembles a ragtag group of friends determined to save them.

The Breadwinner (CAS253, $9.95)

First in the series, this young adult novel dramatizes the struggles of an 11-year-old girl in Afghanistan. As the Taliban takes control of Kabul and her father is arrested, Parvana must disguise herself as a boy and become the family's breadwinner.

When the Rain Comes (SRL49, $17.95)

Award-winning author Alma Fullerton delivers an exciting story about a young girl's bravery, set in rural Sri Lanka. As Malini helps plant rice for the first time, suddenly a flash flood separates her from her family. Alone in the downpour, Malini summons the courage to save her family's livelihood.

Sylvia & Aki (CAL459, $6.99)

Written for ages 9 to 12, this middle-grade novel is set on a Southern California farm, where the lives of two young girls intersect and change the country forever. Based on the true events surrounding the " Mendez vs. Westminster School District" case about school desegregation.

Seek and Find National Parks (USA639, $14.95)

Twelve of North America's most visited national parks appear in this colorful activity book for young children. Kids use their powers of observation to explore busy illustrations for fun, hidden objects.

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