Okavango Delta

Kindly contributed by Geoffrey Kent, co-owner of the luxury travel giant Abercrombie & Kent. In his new book, Safari, A Memoir of a Worldwide Travel Pioneer, Kent recounts his journey from his first safari in Nairobi with nothing but a Kenya pound and an old Land Rover to his professional role in shaping today's travel industry. Relating exhilarating stories of growing up barefoot in the African bush and riding his motorcycle across the continent, Kent takes the reader on an inspiring tour around the globe. 

Travel has been my life for the last 50 years, so I’m often asked where my favorite place in the world is. Always, the answer is anywhere in Africa. It is hard to express in words why it’s such a magical place, but as anyone who has ever spent time there will vouch, it has a way of seeping under your skin and staying with you long after leaving.

Of course the landscapes are spectacular and the wildlife is amazing. But for me the quintessential safari experience comes when the sun goes down and you are sitting around a campfire sharing stories and reminiscing -- a chance to experience the last of the timeless wild Africa that once existed everywhere, but is now so much harder to find. One of my favorite places to go on safari is Sanctuary Chief’s Camp in Botswana’s Okavango Delta. The camp is located on Chief's Island in the Mombo Concession of the Moremi Game Reserve. The seasonal water of the delta ensures that the area in front of the camp is always changing -- from a dry flood plain teeming with wildlife to a lush and tranquil lagoon. In my book, Safari: A Memoir of a Worldwide Travel Pioneer, I share a story about a why Botswana is so meaningful to me.