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Penguins and Other Seabirds

Matt Sewell
Ten Speed Press

Ornithologist and illustrator Matt Sewell produced this art book featuring 50 of the world's penguins and sea birds. With pop-art watercolors and whimsical descriptions, Sewell express the individual characters of the birds (like a penguin that is only 13 inches tall, one who sports bushy yellow eyebrows and many more curious feathered friends).

ISBN: 9780399578670
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Editorial Reviews

singleWith pop-art watercolors and whimsical descriptions, Matt Sewell express the individual characters of 50 seabirds in his new book Penguins and Other Seabirds. His illustrations are so inviting, we had to learn more.
  Longitude. Are penguins fish or birds? …Just kidding. The idea for your book came this autocorrect question on Google. What, besides educating the general public, were your goals in producing this book? Sewell. Penguins are ace but it was also a really good chance for me to focus on seabirds in general there are so many around the world it was great way to get them in my canon. ... more

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