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Polar Regions

Polar Regions

Follow in the footsteps of great explorers into the globe's remote regions. The surreal, frozen landscapse of the Antarctic and Arctic inspire the most daring adventurers. From Ernest Shackleton's epic tale of Antarctic survival, to the Arctic dreams of Barry Lopez, to a bounty of breathtaking photo collections, there's no lack of books to enrich your travels to the ends of the earth.

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The Longitude Blog – Polar Regions
Melting Away
A widely published and celebrated photographer, Camille Seaman has built a career on majestic portraiture. Over a 10-year period, she traveled to the poles as an expedition photographer to document the rapidly changing face of the Arctic and Antarctic regions. In her new book Melting Away, Seaman offers a masterful series of 75 photos of beauty and historical significance, presented alongside accompanying essays, which evocatively reveal climate change at work.