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Caroline Eden, Eleanor Ford
National Book Network

An excellent introduction to Samarkand (by turns inhabited by Uzbeks, Tajiks, Russians, Turks, Koryo-Sarams, Jews and Afghans), this compendium brings the region to life. Includes essays and photos alongside recipes little-known to the West like Lamb Kebabs with Cinnamon, Cloves and Hot Hummus, Pumpkin Stuffed with Spiced Chickpeas, Pomegranate and Vodka Sorbet as well as the region's all-important breads.

ISBN: 9781909487420
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authorsWriter and photographer Caroline Eden provides an excellent introduction to Central Asian flavors in her new book Samarkand, co-authored with Eleanor Ford and with photography from Laura Edwards. The beautifully produced cookbook includes travel essays and photos alongside mouth-watering recipes that place Central Asia and the Caucasus back on the culinary map.
  Longitude. Uzbekistan may not be on every traveler’s bucket list. What first drew you to Samarkand? Eden. The wonderful Islamic architecture primarily, but also just the name…“Samarkand. ... more

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