Spring Travel Titles

A recent issue of Publishers Weekly highlighted 60 titles to watch for this spring. From their list, we culled five forthcoming books of interest to the avid traveler. To see more books were excited to see published this season, click here.

  Peaks on the Horizon: Two Journeys in Tibet. Inspired by a long-time obsession with Tibet, Charlie Carroll, a high school English teacher, took a sabbatical to explore the country of his dreams, contending with Chinese bureaucracy, struggling across harsh terrain and encountering breathtaking altitudes. At a teahouse on the border of China and Tibet, he met Lobsang, a Tibetan exile who crossed the Himalayas years before and has only now returned in pursuit of the love of his life. This is the story of both of their journeys in the volatile region.  (TBT168, $16.95)

Puglia. This appetizing portrait of the Puglia region of Italy is the third installment in Phaidon's Silver Spoon cookbook series. Puglia's climate and long coastline make it ideal for growing olives and fresh produce. Author/chef Tara Russell provides information on the area's bountiful markets alongside over 50 recipes. Mouthwatering dishes include: strascinati pasta with tomato sauce, stuffed aubergine rolls and chocolate with figs.  (ITA525, $39.95)

Kaleidoscope City, A Year in Varanasi. In the tradition of writers like Diana Eck and Suketu Mehta, Piers Moore Ede captures modern-day Varanasi through his travels into the very heart of the city's traditions. He triumphs over some formidable bureaucracy to attend a rehearsal of the sacred Ramlila play (a retelling of the Hindu story of Rama), stalks the city's red light district to understand the Varanasi underbelly, interviews elders from the Dom Raja caste who man the burning cremation ghats on the Ganges' banks and goes on a hunt for the best mithai, or sweet, in town. By exploring the themes that hold Varanasi together, Ede has create a vibrant, kaleidoscopic portrait of multicultural India.  (IDA725, $26.00)

Meet Me in Atlantis. Bestselling author Mark Adams meets with charismatic scientists, code-breakers and amateur explorers, asking them a simple question: Why do they believe Atlantis existed? His probing account into one of history's great mysteries delves into science, exploration and Greek historical writing as Adams takes readers to Greece, Spain, Malta and Morocco. Adams is also the author of Turn Right at Machu Picchu (PRU118).  (TVL610, $27.95)

Peru. A look inside traditional home cooking from one of the world's most popular culinary destinations. Peruvian cuisine is gaining popularity in America and chefs from San Francisco to New York are making Peruvian ceviche, quinoa and lomo saltado -- dishes featuring unique ingredients like the distinct "aji amarillo" chile pepper. Includes 500 recipes. Author Gaston Acurio is a Peruvian celebrity whose flagship restaurant has been ranked in the world's top 20. He even has a good shot at becoming Peru's next president.  (PRU136, $49.95)