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Super Sushi Ramen Express

Michael Booth
Picador USA

Following up on his bitingly humorous cultural portrait of Scandinavia (The Almost Nearly Perfect People SCN83), British journalist Michael Booth and his wife and two small children take a foodie road trip through Japan, spending nearly three months tasting the cuisines in Tokyo, Hokkaido, Okinawa, Kyoto, Osaka and more. Entertaining and informative, Booth describes both the food and the culture using his keen insight and characteristic wit.

ISBN: 9781250145680
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In his new book The Almost Nearly Perfect People, Guardian journalist Michael Booth writes with laugh-out-loud humor and brutal candor about the Scandinavians, mixing history with his own experiences, including residency in Denmark and travel throughout Norway, Finland, Sweden and Iceland. In this interview, Booth elucidates the idiosyncrasies and charms of each Scandinavian nation, from eco-footprints to Legoland.
  Longitude. Your book encourages readers to look past tropes and stereotypes about the Nordic countries. Were you guilty of buying into some of the stereotypes yourself? Which ones? Booth. ... more

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