The National Parks Centennial

USA584August marks the centennial celebration of America’s national parks. “What is the relevance of our national parks in the twenty-first century?” award-winning author Terry Tempest Williams wonders in her insightful new collection of essays, The Hour of Land, “and how might these public commons bring us back home to a united states of humility?” Reading about the parks can help begin to answer that all-important question. As you plan your next trip to a national park, let these books guide your route, deepen your knowledge of the people behind the parks and, ultimately, inspire you towards the conservation of America’s protected lands. Browse some of our favorite titles below, then click here for more reading on our national parks! USA592

The Hour of Land. Award-winning author Terry Tempest Williams travels to 12 carefully chosen national parks including Yellowstone, Acadia and Big Bend in this insightful journey. Equal parts memoir, natural history and ecology manifesto, Williams' book honors the centennial of the National Park Service by exploring why the protected, wild lands matter to the soul of America. Includes black-and-white images by Lee Friedlander, Sally Mann, Sebastiao Salgado and more.

The National Parks, An Illustrated History. This lavishly illustrated celebration of the US National Parks' 100th anniversary takes readers from the redwood forests of California and the ancient layers of the Grand Canyon to the Gettysburg battlefield and every park in between. The official National Geographic companion book. All photographs are by award-winning photographer Kim Heacox, frequent contributor to National Geographic Magazine. USA627

Lassoing the Sun, A Year in America's National Parks. With America's most beautiful landscapes as a background, Mark Woods discusses the personal and collective power of America's national parks. Though he planned his year-long journey to the parks with his mother, suddenly she was diagnosed with cancer and Woods' book became much deeper. His travel memoir is not only a love letter to the national parks, but to family and what is truly important in life.

The Naturalist, Theodore Roosevelt and the Rise of American Natural HistoryFocusing on Teddy's career as a preservationist and naturalist, this new biography tells the surprising story of how the prodigious hunter began America's wildlife conservation movement. Lunde, of the Smithsonian and the AMNH, brings Roosevelt's abiding interest in biology to light, constructing a textured portrait of a rugged soldier-statesman who shared his love for science with the United States. USA615

The National Parks Coloring Book. With stunning line drawings that depict all 59 US National Parks, this kids' coloring book celebrates a wealth of national treasures, from the shooting geysers of Yellowstone to the ice walls of Glacier Bay and beyond.

National Geographic Guide to the National Parks of the United States. The eighth edition of this photographic guide from National Geographic showcases America's national parks in all their glory. The editors profile all 59 national parks throughout the United States with 80 refurbished color maps and more than 300 vivid color photographs.