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The Travel Book, A Journey Through Every Country in the World

Lonely Planet Publications
Lonely Planet Publications
Travel Narrative

Each country, no matter how big or small, gets a double-page spread in this big, glossy celebration of travel. All the countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe get a portfolio of color photographs, a map, brief overview and fun facts. Irresistible!

ISBN: 9781786571205
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500px Photo ID: 114364631 - portrait d'un touareg entrain de confectionner une pièce d'argenterie traditionnelTo celebrate the release of the new third edition of The Travel Book, Lonely Planet's Managing Director of Publishing Piers Pickard answered a few of our questions about the production of the book –- and on the state of travel in general.   Longitude. We were thrilled to see this updated third edition of The Travel Book. What new feature, destination or photograph are you most excited to reveal in this version? We're most excited by the fact that every single image in the book is new -- that's more than 800 photographs of 230 countries and regions. ... more

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