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The Woman in Cabin 10

Ruth Ware
Simon and Schuster Inc.

Drawing strong parallels to Agatha Christie, Ware’s psychological thriller follows travel journalist Lo Blacklock as she embarks on a luxury cruise through the North Sea in search of Norway’s Northern Lights. Naturally, there is a murder and a motley crew of suspects. A fun read -- especially on a Scandinavian cruise!

ISBN: 9781501132957
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woman in cabin ten coverA luxury cruise with a small number of guests takes off in search of the Aurora Borealis by way of the North Sea. All goes well until a woman vanishes, pushed off a balcony into the freezing waters below, with only one witness: travel journalist Lo Blacklock, who scrambles to piece together the clues and uncover the truth. Sound like an Agatha Christie tale? Not quite, but The Woman in Cabin 10, by English novelist Ruth Ware, has earned favorable—and apt—comparisons to the works of the reigning queen of the mystery genre. ... more

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