Time to Go: Cuba

"I think if you want to see what Cuba was," Jo Ann Bell, senior vice president of programs at Road Scholar, told the Miami Herald, "you're going to have to go in the next year or two." If the changes in U.S./Cuba relations has you contemplating travel to Cuba, start your planning now by reading up on the country. We're offering this essential package of 6 items as a set for $146, including shipping, 15% off the retail price. And you'll get free shipping on anything else you order. Just enter Item EXCBA107 online or ask for it over the phone. For even more recommended reading on the country, click here.

Cuba, What Everyone Needs to Know. Director for Latin America Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, Julia Sweig traces the geography, history and identity of Cuba in this admirably succinct portrait of the island nation and its role in world affairs. (CBA126, $16.95)

Cuban Revelations. Travelogue, ode to Cuban soul and society and clear-eyed report on the economic reforms that are sweeping the island nation, Marc Frank's colorful chronicle shows daily life in contemporary Cuba from the inside. Frank weaves his own story -- and the stories of his many friends and acquaintances -- into this indispensable first-hand report from the field. (CBA204, $29.95)

Havana Modern.In vivid, original photographs, Connors ushers us through 100 examples of Havana's best-preserved Nouveau and Art Deco architecture, built between the early 1900s and 1965. (CBA241, $65.00)

King of Cuba.Garcia's richly satisfying tale revolves around a fictionalized Fidel Castro and an octogenarian Cuban exile obsessed with revenge. (CBA203, $15.00)

Eyewitness Guide Cuba. A comprehensive, illustrated guide with excellent neighborhood maps, hundreds of photographs and succinct listings. Features innovative 3-D diagrams. (CBA67, $25.00)

Cuba Map. A detailed, double-sided laminated map at a scale of 1:1,000,000. (CBA20, $10.95)