Top Ten Fall Travel Titles

Autumn is the perfect time for reflection, as we return from our summer travels and begin to dream up new destinations. To help inspire you, we've culled a list of the top ten new travel books we're excited to see published this fall. It's your season, armchair travelers, so curl up with some hot cider and prepare to be taken to new places. For more forthcoming travel books, click here.

Plotted, A Literary Atlas. This collection of literature-inspired maps takes readers into the fictional worlds of great books, including the landscapes of The Odyssey, Hamlet, Pride and Prejudice, The Invisible Man, Lord of the Flies, A Wrinkle in Time, Watership Down and The Handmaid's Tale. A very unique way of appreciating a good read!

Cuba, This Moment, Exactly So. The fruits of more than 50 trips to the island over the past 20 years, award-winning photographer Lorne Resnick presents passionate and heartwarming moments from Cuba, the "Pearl of the Antilles." His 250 black-and-white photographs are organized around 30 micro-stories and include a foreword by great travel writer Pico Iyer. An immersive, deluxe coffee-table book.

Deep South. In his tenth book, one of literature's most acclaimed travel writers immerses himself in the incomparable world of the Deep South, writing with merciless candor. Through conversations with mayors and reverends, the working poor, farming families and many others, Theroux captures not only the unparalleled cuisine, music and history of the South, but its poverty, lack of education and staunchly conservative attitudes.

Across the Arctic Ocean. This lushly illustrated book commemorates the Arctic Ocean expedition of Sir Wally Herbert, hailed as one of the greatest explorers of his time. Alongside expert commentary, the book includes 157 photographs (87 in color) that exude the hardships and wonders of the Arctic. Sir Wally began in Point Barrow, Alaska and walked across the North Pole and the frozen Arctic Ocean via its longest axis. There are mountain ranges named after him in both Svalbard and the Antarctic. The book measures 8 5/8 x 10 5/8 inches.

Pristine Seas. Journeying to the world's underwater "Edens," National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Enric Sala showcases 10 seas still immune from human interference that he is working to protect. Packed with more than 200 images, his book takes readers from the shark-rich waters off Costa Rica to the ice floes near Franz Josef Land, Russia. A brilliant coffee-table tribute to deep-sea places worth protecting.

Light and Dust, Images and Stories from the Wild of East Africa. This gorgeously photographed tribute to the animals of Eastern Africa captures the region's wild creatures at their most dramatic. To create the book, dedicated photographer Federico Veronesi set up a semi-permanent tent in the Maasai Mara National Reserve and brought his camera into tumultuous weather -- literally following animals' footsteps -- into mists, dust storms and heavy rains. A beautiful ode to survival.

Abducting a General. In another riveting episode from the life of Patrick Leigh Fermor, the eminent travel writer recounts his time as an operative during WWII and, as the leader of 11 guerrilla fighters in Crete, kidnapping German general Heinrich Kreipe. Published here for the first time in the US, the book also includes Paddy's declassified intelligence reports that he wrote deep in Crete's caves. For his bravery, Fermor was later made an Officer of the British Empire. A dramatic tale of derring-do by the inimitable writer.

The Curious Map Book. The perfect book for the cartographically curious, this collection of map gems includes moral maps, maps of board games, maps in the shapes of animals and made of sushi. Much more than tools of conquest and commerce, explains London-based antiquarian dealer Ashley Baynton-Williams, these maps are unique pieces of art. Most of his selections can be found at the collection of The British Library.

Polar, A Photicular Book. Utilizing the new technology of photicular images, this innovative book uses interleaved photos, sliding lenses and four-color video imagery to depict the landscape and wildlife of the Arctic and Antarctic. On the frozen plain, a walrus lumbers, a whale breaches, a polar bear protects her cubs and a team of sled dogs sprints toward the viewer. Dan Kainen is the creator of photicular technology. Carol Kaufmann is a former staff writer for National Geographic.

World Monuments. To commemorate its 50th anniversary, the World Monuments Fund pulled together some of today's most influential travel writers (including the great William Dalrymple) for this photographic tour of 50 awesome world sites. Great for travel inspiration, the book surveys locales from Venice and Petra to New Orleans, India, Paris and all around the globe. Although important as national heritage sites, many of the architectural gems on the list depend on visitors for their preservation.