Top Ten Fall Travel Titles

BCY45Autumn is the season for armchair travelers. As the weather cools, the imagination sharpens, ready to transport us to distant lands. We've selected ten travel titles that we're looking forward to curling up with this fall as we dream up new destinations.  

Epic Bike Rides of the World. The discerning editors at Lonely Planet organize 200 top places to pedal in this beautifully illustrated coffee table book. From family friendly rides in Buenos Aires to downhill trails near the Arctic Circle, to France, Spain, Mongolia, Italy and beyond, it's sure to contain a spark the interest of any cycling enthusiast. WLD302

Greatest Landscapes. National Geographic combed through their immense catalog of images to create this coffee book immortalizing the world's most evocative and extraordinary landscapes. The visual journey crosses vast deserts, snowcapped mountain ranges, forests in autumn and many more iconic shots, with insight from the photographers themselves.

A Wretched and Precarious Situation. Historian David Welky tells a truly remarkable story of adventure and survival set in the ice fields north of Greenland. Delving into newly discovered letters, diary entries and field notes, Welky uncovers how the Crocker Land Expedition (1913 to 1917) survived shipwreck, disease, low supplies and murder while trying to explore (what they thought was) a new continent. GRB352

The Story of England. This 25th anniversary edition of Hibbert's classic introduction to England's past (GBR02) is filled with anecdotes that bring history to life. In this newly illustrated edition, John Broadley's unique tableaux-like illustrations capture the landscape, costumes and characters of the history that Hibbert's text so vividly evokes.

France, A Modern History. Bestselling historian Jonathan Fenby chronicles the last 200 years of France's history, exploring how the nation took its contemporary shape. He begins with Napoleon's loss at Waterloo in 1815 and narrates the ground-shifting events that would follow: two political revolutions, three awful wars with Germany, the loss of overseas colonies, the refusal to follow America into the Middle East after 9/11 and the rise of Jihadism. BRD147

Penguins and Other Seabirds. Ornithologist and illustrator Mat Sewell produced this art book featuring 50 of the world's penguins and sea birds. With pop-art watercolors and whimsical descriptions, Sewell express the individual characters of the birds (like a penguin that is only 13 inches tall, one who sports bushy yellow eyebrows and many more curious feathered friends) found in polar climes.

Evolution, A Visual Record. In a collection of 200 photographs, award-winning photographer Robert Clark celebrates the foundations of modern science and the astonishing diversity of life on Earth. His edifying photographs reawaken readers to humankind's ancestors, Darwin's famous Galapagos finches, the links between dinosaurs and modern birds and other great contributions to evolution science.

Birds of North America. Written by a team of over 30 birders and ornithologists (in partnership with the American Museum of Natural History) this birdwatching guide covers 657 species of birds found in the United States and Canada. With full-color photographs showing plumage variations and subspecies, it makes differentiation easy. Each profile includes a color-coded map. AMZ148

Jungle, A Photicular Book. Utilizing the new technology of photicular images, this innovative book uses interleaved photos, sliding lenses and four-color video imagery to depict the landscape and wildlife of the jungle. Watch a tarantula scuttle across the forest floor. A Bengal tiger prowls, and a brilliant green and red macaw soar above the canopy!