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Trans-Siberian Railroad

Trans-Siberian Railroad

There are few railroads as legendary as the Trans-Siberian. Spanning the entirety of Russia and running nearly 6,000 miles, it is the longest railway in the world and a great way to tour the far reaches of Siberia. Whether you take the rails from Moscow to Vladivostok or cut through Mongolia or China, we’ve got all the guidebooks, maps and literature you’ll need to prepare for your long-distance journey. The Trans-Siberian Handbook is a great place to start.

Follow the links below to see recommended reading for each destination.

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Midnight in Siberia
“I struggle awake and there she is,” begins David Greene’s Midnight in Siberia. “Russia.” “Russia,” to NPR’s morning programming host and former Moscow Bureau Chief, is Aunt Nina, the diminutive silver-haired relative of a Russian colleague, who starts his travelogue off by offering Greene some water as panacea to the several rounds of vodka he was subjected to the night before.