Tulsa, Oklahoma

Kindly contributed by writer and blogger Sasha Martin, who set out on a 195-week trip around the world -- without leaving her kitchen. Her culinary journey is captured in her new book Life from Scratch. Determined to cook (and eat!) a meal from every country in the world, Martin makes peace with her past through the prism of world cultures and cuisine. As she cooks, Martin writes not only about the meals but of the memories they evoke. Martin’s favorite spot is her kitchen in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but she shares how her recipes were inspired by travel and can, in turn, inspire the reader to travel beyond the kitchen to explore the origins of international cuisine.
  On any given day I would be happy to find myself on the streets of Paris eating a freshly baked baguette. I lived in Europe for more than six years as a teenager and can still feel the crackle of the crust and the warmth of the crumb. But my appetite has grown now that I've completed my culinary journey of cooking a meal from each of the world's 195 countries. I did it all from my little kitchen in Tulsa, Oklahoma with my picky husband and baby girl.... one country per week, Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. I learned the most fascinating things - and loved being able to bring the world to my kitchen via stovetop travel.
  • Did you know that the people of Monaco enjoy tarts made with candied cantaloupe and cherries?
  • Or that, in Lesotho, they make lattes out of rooibos tea? They actually run the tea leaves through an espresso machine!
  • In Uganda, the eat Kashata – which is peanut brittle with cardamom in it. And folks on the island nation of Nauru drink iced coffee out of recycled plastic bottles – even when you buy it from a cart?
  My new memoir, Life from Scratch: A Memoir of Food, Family, and Forgiveness chronicles the entire experience, beginning with memories of food from my early childhood and continuing through the launch of my blog Global Table Adventure. It is a story of separation, loss, and overcoming - and how through it all food - and the places it can take us - can be a catalyst to healing.