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Travel across Turkey with Mary Lee Settle, whose travel memoir Turkish Reflections documents her odyssey from Aegean shores to the Bosporus Strait and the country's interior. Stop in Istanbul with Orhan Pamuk, whose memoir poignantly recalls his memories of the city while his novels introduce readers to Turkish culture through intriguing plots and shifting characters. We’ve even got something to read in Cappadocia: Patrick Leigh Fermor includes his visit to abandoned rock monasteries in A Time to Keep Silence.

Follow the links below to see recommended reading for each destination.

The Longitude Blog – Turkey
Midnight at the Pera Palace
Arriving to Istanbul by sea is dramatic and breathtaking—“no other place can claim to be more perfectly situated,” writes Charles King in his new book Midnight at the Pera Palace, but “arriving by land has always been something of an anticlimax.” So much so that when John Dos Passos rolled into the city via train in 1921 he wasn’t sure that he’d arrived: “‘Is it? No, yes, it must be. . . Constantinople.’” Historian and author of
Pera, Istanbul
Kindly contributed by Charles King, author of Midnight at the Pera Palace, a twentieth-century history of the Near East through the prism of one of its greatest cities, Istanbul. King sets the reader in a world of intrigue, jazz, feminism, Trotskyism, violence, sex and espionage, at the center of which stood the wondrous, decaying Pera Palace Hotel. His backdrop is the multi-ethnic Turkish republic at the point when it became global crossroads.
Okavango Named World Heritage Site
UNESCO World Heritage Sites: how many have you visited? Selected for their unique cultural or natural heritage, these historic places make some of the best destinations. UNESCO's guide to their World Heritage Sites, which organizes the sites by order of inscription (Galapagos was the first), is forthcoming in its fifth edition at the end of September. From the Galapagos and Mesa Verde to China's Mount Sanqingshan National Park and Al-Hijar in Saudi Arabia, this beautifully illustrated compendium includes color photographs, a map and succinct description of each archaeological site, monument, city or park.